Excimer Laser Technolash 217z 100 Hz Baush & Lomb with flying spot, active eye movement tracing (eye tracker), safety automation and possible personalized treatment through zylink software (zyoptix) for the most accurate result.

ZYOPTIX Wavefront analysis
The Zyoptix system not only allows the patient to throw away his glasses or contact lenses, but to improve the quality of night-time vision, as well as to improve his or her vision to a better level than what was achieved with the glasses or contact lenses (supervision).

Corneal topography ORBSCAN II Z
The system offers the most comprehensive cornea topography (the study of anterior, posterior surface, pachymetry and depth of anterior chamber). The ORBSCAN system is considered a necessary tool for refractive surgery.

Phakoemulsification and vitrectomy system Millenium Baush & Lomb
The system is used both for the removal of cataract with ultrasounds through a tiny incision for operations in the vitreous and the retina (vitrectomies) and for the use of endolaser. It represents the most advanced technology in the anterior and posterior segment of the eye microsurgery. The center has two such devices.

Phakoemulsification system Alcon Legacy Advantec
State-of-the-art ultrasound machine for the cataract microsurgery with Mackool Tip which keeps the corneal incision from getting too warm.

Automatic perimeter Dicon
American automatic perimeter for the study of visual fields both in glaucoma and in many neurological conditions. The machine’s speaking sound makes the examination easier and encourages the patient to keep focused.

Digital nerve fiber analyser GDx VCC
State-of-the-art diagnostic laser machine for the study of nerve fiber layer in patients with glaucoma. Quick examination (3 minutes) with data base for a better diagnosis.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT3, Zeiss)
The most advanced model of high analysis optic tomography which allows the creation and processing of detailed intersections of the retina, the optic disk and the nerve fiber layer with applications in the diagnosis and follow-up of macular deseases and glaucoma.

Ultraviolet laser IRIDEX
To perform photocoagulation when indicated, as well as green laser with additional possibilities of transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT) application, with the use of a large spot adapter, on submacular, choroidal, neovascular membranes and small choroid melanomas, intradural cyclophotocoagulation with the use of G-probe in non-moderated glaucoma and intradural cyclophotocoagulation of the retina, hole and detachment photocoagulation with the use of the special DioPexyTM Probe.

Digital fluoroangiography
Digital Topcon camera and Imagenet software for digital photography of the fundus, fluoroangiography and angiography with indocyanine green. The results of the above examinations are immediately available offering the advantage of timely treatment.

Laser Visulas 690, Zeiss for photodynamic treatment with verteporfin (Visudyne). This cold laser is indicated for some forms of subretinal neovascularization due to age-related or myopic degeneration of the macula lutea, but can be applied in some neovascular membranes which complicate other conditions of the retina.

Green Argon Laser (Novus Verdi, Diode-pumped green photocoagulator, LUMENIS)
For photocoagulation in diabetic retinopathy, choroids neovascular membranes, ischemic retinopathies, retinal breaks photocoagulation and trabeculoplasty in glaucoma. Possible application with slit lamp and indirect ophthalmoscope.

Ophthalmic ultrasonography (P45 Ultrasonic Workstation, PARADIGM)
Possible b-ecography, diagnostic A-ecography and biometry. B-ecography offers information on the interior of the eye with hazy refractive means and contributes in the design of the therapeutic treatment. Diagnostic A-ecography gives important information which helps in the differential diagnosis of intraocular space-occupying processes.

Yag Laser (Alcon)
Special laser for the performance of capsulotomy following the opacification of the posterior lens capsule (secondary cataract) and peripheral iridotomy in some types of glaucoma.

Zeiss Surgical microscopes
2 Zeiss Visu 200 microscopes and 1 Zeiss MDO microscope with parallel observation, connected to a video and monitor.

Leica 548 Surgical Microscope
1 unit with parallel observation, connected to a video and monitor.

Examination units
With lamps (connected to a monitor for parallel observation and explanation for the patient's escort) and Topcon automatic keratorefractometer, projected optotypes, Goldman tonometers and Keeler airmeters, phoropter and test glasses. 6 examination units, in total.

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